Cannot create any data object relationship column in application

appId: 2E8ADF1B-C249-E5A2-FF7F-971967CDE100

Hi I cannot create a new column of type Data Object Relationship in the console.

Normally this is easy, but tried several times and getting very similar errors like
Referencing column ‘rel_from’ and referenced column ‘objectId’ in foreign key constraint ‘72F53C16-48E0-8988-FF7A-65B5FA102600_ibfk_1’ are incompatible.

I am trying to create a new column in the Users table called LeaderOf which is a one to many type of other users in the same table. (normally I know I would select another table , but for this design I wanted this)

However I tried doing it another db design route using another table and a very similar error description appeared which makes me think something is a miss with the application preventing me creating any relationship columns.



Hi, mike.
I connected to your app and create two test tables tmp1 and tmp2 and then create relation from tmp2 to tmp1. It was created successfully.
Could you provide more information: what column you use, what names for columns you set, maybe something else.

Now I’m trying to work with Users table…

I’ve managed to add 1:n relation from Users → Users (LeaderOf column name).
Could you check, please.

Hi @oleg-vyalyh

Thats perfect, I can see the leaderOf column and thats how I wanted it. I tried it myself again in the console and it seems to work fine now.

Thanks for your help