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Cannot delete apps on Backendless 3.x


We migrated our apps to Backendless 5 some time ago, and we are now trying to delete the obsolete versions on Backendless 3.x.

The application IDs are:

343B4B6B-8838-BB64-FF5E-456BC88A3900 and

On clicking the “Delete Application” button, we receive the following error messages:

Internal server error with id 39C49ACF-27D8-2B52-FF2F-707CFCB9B300
Internal server error with id EBD786CE-3111-0797-FFC6-EFA7C490B000

These apps are on the Cloud 9 billing plan.

Are we missing something?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Hi Rick,

Could you please try deleting the apps again?

Let us know if it works this time.


Hi Mark,

Worked fine this time. Thanks for your help!



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You can delete your account yourself using Backendless console. Simply login, click manage > app setting > delete app.