Cannot get data to show in text boxes

Mission: SERVERLESS 101
Task: **Invoke the API Service using generated client SD

Cannot get GetItems to display values in text boxes. I’ve triple checked everything I can think of against the video and I get empty text every time I click the button to show the shopping cart.

Hi @Tony_V_Wynn,

I was not able to reproduce your problem. Please note that you need to use the Block component instead of the Container.
If you still can’t figure out the issue on your own, please provide us with the AppID and page where we can take a look at the logic you have.


Where can I find the AppID and page information? I have had the same problem with two missions. the ID text at the bottom of the login page and now the show text. Neither would ever show anything in the text boxes.

@Tony_V_Wynn, your appId can be found on the Manage page


App Id:

I tried the demo ‘Hello World’ and it will not display data in the text field. I tried binding the text field to the same data ,inputData, as the input field and it will display the text as I type it, but trying to change the text fields property to display the same data doesn’t work. The text field is obviously there a will display text, just not by changing it’s property.

Got it to working. I restarted the browser and logged back in. Hello World immediately started working and the first two columns of the mission worked. A typo was preventing data from being added to the third. All good now.