Cannot get past Data Miner

Hi Backendless team.

I am working on the Missions project.
I did Database, User Management, Geolocation, Files etc.
I am at the Data Miner. It seems like you can only continue if you go past Data Miner to continue. There is no way to do other tasks if you want to.

The last step of the Data Miner is a problem for two reasons:

  1. It is difficult.
  2. The video clip is not audible.
    I cannot get past it without the video clip. But the video clip is really inaudible for the most part. The microphone pickup is really bad and the voice keeps going up and down in volume. And the highest volume there is already too low to be heard.

I just want to learn the platform, not compete for this tedious aggregate function long string. I should be able to do the rest of the tasks.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know. I don’t think there is something to do. I would re-record the video clip if I were you. It is really sub-standard for today’s quality of videos.

I think Backendless is wonderful. I really want to learn it. But I don’t have the time or courage to listen and decode the audio from the videoclip.



Hello @Dennis_Zervas

Thank you for the report, we will discuss it. However I just went through the video and it is loud enough for me, have you tried to use any music columns or headphones?

Anyways, Youtube provides good feature for such situations, try to enable subtitles

Regards, Vlad

I’m currently at final step of data miner…
I don’t get it.

I already try this rest getter (or whatsoever call this):

To Retrieve “CountryCount”===>

1st url:,Continent&groupBy=Continent

2nd url:,Continent&groupBy=Continent

3rd url:,Continent&groupBy=Continent

To Retrieve “MinLifeExpectancy”====>


In retrieving country count, they have the same output and yet I can’t get or pass through final step of data miner…
I have in my mind “is it possible to mix those two aggregate in one request?”… but I didn’t do that cause there is no instruction stated…

here is a doc for Min function

I edit my post please read it…



as my conclusion above…
“I have in mind…”
I already solved it using the idea of mine…
you need to combine those two aggregate in one request…

and for Mr/s/rs/x @vladimir-upirov,
If you are one of the dev of backendless, Im really thankful to you and to your co-devs to build this “Backendless”.
If you don’t mind, can I have a feedback and suggestion?

If yes,
The instruction is a little bit confusing especially in data miner>last step>add aggregate: agr1 & agr2;
cause you/or the dev that assigned in “that” didn’t elaborate on what to do in agr1 and agr2, so like me “begginer” in this field will totally confused if “I’ll do it one by one?”…

Since you (backendless) are claiming that this(backendless) is user and beginner friendly, maybe I suggest to add more UI/panel to be choose if you are beginner/intermediate/etc.
and for instruction: all I suggest is to ellaborate to avoid user to be confused…

Sorry for my bad english

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Thank you @John_Aerial_Azcune for your feedback and suggestion, an internal ticket BKNDLSS-22884 has been created to improve the instructions

And I am glad to hear that you got it done, good job!

As you can notice the main idea of the Missions feature is to learn how to use Backendless and in the instruction could be missed some straight points and you should find how to solve in our documentation. For instance, you find the solution and I believe during the research you learned something new about Backendless features, didn’t you?

Regards, Vlad

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I should be the one who be thankful.
To you, dev, and other staff…