Cannot locate function

App ID: AE2DDCEC-B9FE-840C-FF14-F909F857AE00

How can I find/locate this function in UI Builder? See photo.


What is the URL of the page that shows the error?

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the quick response.

Oddly enough, it is on every page. Even on the home page where no such code exists. This is the URL of the home page:

Hope I answered all your question correctly.


Every custom function has an ID. To understand what ID is assigned to a function, look for app.json when the app is loaded by the browser. The data will be in there:

Hello @Ramon_Reyes

Could you rename Custom Function arguments to names without ‘-’ or other characters except underscore?

The problem what i see, it’s - ‘column-1’ and ‘column-2’, if you rename it to ‘column1’ or ‘column_1’ that must works.

Also, thank you for informing us, we will fix it as fast as possible

Regards, Dima.

Great. I’ll look into it.

Thank you so much