Cannot open published App anymore

When I publish my App and then open the published App I receive the following:

But I do open the production domain I can still open the preview, but not production

Could you please take a look into this.

Thank you in advance.

You can start a new preview session for your page from the Backendless Console. Sessions are implemented to enable bypass of the billing for the file requests and as a result, they are timed.


But if I publish the Container to production I want my users to access my page and not get blocked, right?

Regards, Joerg

Correct, and your users would not be using the Preview link, right?

Wrong, right now they see the Preview link. That is exactly the problem.

The Preview link is intended to be used only by the developer. You should not share the preview link with the users of your app. Instead, you can publish your UI Container and share the app link with the users.

Maybe there is a misunderstanding. I have not shared the developer link with anybody else. I have published the UI container to my domain as always. When a user access the domain the above posted message appears.

I mentioned a similar topic a couple of weeks ago to support that my developer preview shows my production domain and not my backendless sub-domain anymore. But I received the answer that this should be ok. Maybe this causes the problem.

Could you please take a look into this. My App Id is 66C2DBD4-189A-7377-FF95-915D98235700

Thank you in advance for your support.

Regards, Joerg

We’ll be happy to take a look. What is the name of the UI Container and what directory under /web do you publish it to?

container: adminPanelUser
ROOT (/web)

When I open your custom domain in a browser (or the domain assigned to your app), the application opens and is functional (I’ll be happy to share a screen recording if you’d like).

Could you try opening your domain in a different browser and see if it works? Additionally, try the Incognito mode in Chrome. Finally, try clearing your browser cache and see if it fixes the problem.

In another Browser it just works fine.
Is it ok, that the desktop preview does not open the backendless subdomain subdomain?

Yes, that is ok, but it is unrelated to the preview session expiration. It is just an alternative way to get to the app.