Cannot persist object. Property 'objectId' must be set by the server

Right now i ma doing task in which when i install application at that time is data is available in server then from there i saved that data in realm database. After that if i do any changes in that data then at that time it store that in realm datastore. After specific time i want to save that updated data to backendless .Right i am doing is if data which is updated in realm is found on server then first i delete that record and save record from realm to server.At that time i am getting exception : BackendlessException{ code: ‘1003’, message: ‘Cannot persist object. Property ‘objectId’ must be set by the server. Make sure the property is not initialized when saving new object.’ }

This error tells you that when you save a new object in Backendless, the objectId property cannot have a value. Can you check what the objectId property has right before you save the object in Backendless?

Hi Mark,

Problem was solved.Thanx for help.