Cannot Register User

Hi there I am new to this backend service
I am working with the user login and register and i followed every step of the documentation but I get an error when u register a user

Error : Connection Refused

I really appreciate if anyone knows how to fix this issue


Is this for Android, iOS or web?
Do you use SDK or using REST API?


for Android and i used SDK

What version of Android?

Android Api 24
Android 7.0

As i know i think this line make the problem

http://localhost:8080/api when i set the server URL but this url is not opening into my web browser and shown in documentation there this link give response as


Are you running Backendless server locally?

I do not know . Just followed the doc and at this point i got confused
and the doc says

**Once the product is installed, there are two URLs to keep in mind: **

1. Backendless Console URL - available at http://HOSTNAME:8080 , where HOSTNAME is the IP address or the hostname confirmed/entered during the installation. It is not recommended to use localhost if you plan to run your application in a device emulator.
2. API Endpoint URL - this is the URL where the server accepts and processes the API requests. The API endpoint URL is the same as console URL with /api appended at the end. For example, http://HOSTNAME:8080/api . When Backendless Pro is running, you can confirm that the API endpoint is working, by entering it in a browser. You should see the following (or similar) response:

but i don not know where to get IP

You do not know if you run Backendless Pro locally or connecting to our servers in the cloud?

do you know how can i solve this problem ?

I need to understand where your backend is. Do you have a local installation of Backendless or are you connecting to our servers in the Cloud?

Seriously i do not know i just followed this guide


When you work with Backendless Cloud, you do not need to use any IP addresses or URLs. To make a user registration, you need to do two things:

  1. call Backendless.initApp
  2. call the registration API

None of these APIs require a URL.


let me try and i will let you know

Thanks for the solution … i try it and it worked :grinning:

I guess doc have some errors

Step 6 of the doc assumes you followed steps 1 through 5 . You would be wrong to just jump to Step 6 without the context of the previous steps and go with it :slight_smile: