Cannot save address from places autocomplete

Hey all,
I must be doing something wrong and i cannot get the entered and selected address to save in the database.

I have used the data binding for value to address. And have it trying to save that to the DB but its blank every time. Should i be doing something different for this item?
The other fields in the form save/update correctly and when loading a record that has the address it populates the places field correctly, just cannot save or update it.

Hi @Leon_Black ,

Could you please provide your app ID and names of container and page where this form is located so I can look to it?

Regards, Andriy

Crm container
Peopleupdate page, street address field.

Thank you

Could you try to create a minimal reproducible example of your issue on the new page which doesn’t require a login?

I have tried to reproduce it in my own app, and everything works fine for me.

Yep, will do tomorrow as i don’t have a computer with me right now

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Here you go.
page testing
and use data on the end of the URL:


You trying to save an object in a string column. Please check the payload that you try to save into the ‘contacts’ table.

Ahh thank you! I did not pick up on it as there was no error.