Cannot set email settings with Gmail

I’m trying to send emails from backendless using my gmail account. However I cannot set the email correctly:

  • on Gmail I set allow access to less secure apps
  • I’ve put email and password correctly on Backendless

But I get Internal server error with id D3371165-2C24-14BD-FF8E-AFE3F04EBA00 with every possible Gmail port number I found on the Internet (25, 465, 587).

How can I solve this?

Thanks in advance,



Hello Gabriele

I could not reproduce the issue you described. Managed to set email settings for Google smtp server for TLS, and SSL and tested on user registration templates. Please provide more detailed steps of what you are doing to get internal server error. Are you receiving error when attempting to save email configuration? Also please give more details regarding this part:
“- on Gmail I set allow access to less secure apps”

Regards Anton

This is a message I received from google as soon as I tried the first time:</img></img>

The second one is the message traduced with Google Translator. I modified settings Gmail by clicking on ‘allowing access to less secure apps’.



Actually I tried again to access now and it doesn’t give me anymore the internal error I copied above, but just “Username and Password are not accepted” although I have tried accessing many times and so I’m sure that email and password are correct.


Please provide your application id. Try creating another google account and try to use it for email sending purposes. Please notify me here if the problem persists with a new account. In the meantime i’ll start investigating the error with id you’ve provided. Will be waiting for results.

Regards Anton

Ok, thanks. App-id: AD426113-B92E-7226-FFBB-2A579F696900

Although with the same settings on the other two old accounts it doesn’t work, creating a new gmail account it managed to save the email settings.

Thank you