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Cannot set property 'value' of undefined

hello again

Using the “on visibility change” logic for a block who contains a textarea I calculate the value for it and try to set it with the set property block, but I get this error while trying: “Cannot set property ‘value’ of undefined”.

It is curious to me that, the same logic works very well in other instance of my app.

this is the logic with problems

and this is the one that works

I already try to create all the UI and logic from scratch and get the same error.
I also checked, and the variable value has the correct value.
I erased the browser cache, re login to backendless account, etc.

Can you point me in the rigth way to solve this?


Hello @giovanny_padilla

Generally, this error happens when you try to set data to an invisible component.

Could you please create a new test page with minimum UI elements and logic to reproduce the issue?
Then, provide us with your appId and the container/page name and we will investigate this case.

Regards, Vlad

You were right, the textarea was no visible when it tries to set the property. I just added a timer to wait 1 ms, and it works.