Cannot upgrade my billing plan

Application ID: F5CF0142-1063-65AD-FF7B-1E5862CD6F00
Error UID: fb549cba-1ad8-478b-8b63-28edde00a482

Internal Server Error with ID fb549cba-1ad8-478b-8b63-28edde00a482. The development team is already aware of this fault and is working on a fix.

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hi mark
filed in my payment profile, on the credit card section.
them pressed ( preview and Switch)

that in whem the error is occuring

Just to confirm, the error shows up when you click the Preview and Switch button?

Which plan would you like to switch to?


would like to switch to Cloud 9 Monthly pricing

Hi Mark

Mainly because this is the second time im rejected to acess de DB via API.
because the system thinks im acessing from multiple location, while im only in the developing stage.
and only me on one phone is acessing for testing.

My internet service provider does this from time to time and my ip shall change, regulary.

So im feed up and its better to just upgrade.

if you check the logs,

it happed last month, it was revolved

The root cause the same assiduidade table that is somehow broken. We’re looking what can be done there.

correct i had to stop working on that table
and creat a new one with a diferent name
triyed to delete that table but it still shows

i dont need that table anymore ( IT CAN BE DELETED)

I opened an internal ticket for the dev team to investigate the issue (BKNDLSS-29904). This will be handled as soon as possible (I estimate should be fixed by tomorrow morning).


Hi @Tchisole_Santos ,

I have removed that broken table and now everything should work fine. Sorry for inconvenience.
Could you please check and confirm that problem has gone?

Regards, Andriy