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Cannot use the free Springboard plan

I recently unlocked the Springboard plan via Missions. I deleted the app that I unlocked it on and now I cant use the plan anymore. Please help. Thank you.

Hi @Pedro_Santana

For what reason did you delete the app with Springboard plan? Do you want to switch the another app to the Springboard plan?

Best Regards,

Hi @Maksym_Khobotin

I deleted it because I wanted a fresh start.
Yes! I want to!

Thanks for the help.

Please provide App Id of the app you’d like to enable Springboard plan for.


App id: C1CAB507-4280-E33C-FF31-17D9B87E2500

Please go to the Missions screen and choose this app in the ‘congrats’ popup (if you have more than one app, otherwise just go to the Missions screen).


Thank you so much.