Cannot view video in first mission

I’ve just started with Backendless today and diving into Missions to get acquainted but after loading the first mission, I cannot see the video that is meant to be displayed in the right-hand panel. This is true in both the latest Firefox and Chrome (see below).

Any ideas on what’s wrong?

Hi Tom,

Not every task has an instructional video that comes with it. Please follow the written instructions with every task as sticking to the details is very important.


Thanks for the quick reply, Mark. I see the task text states: “The video below demonstrates how a directory can be created using Backendless Console”. Shouldn’t this include a video for this particular task?

You are right, that’s odd, I overlooked that part. Could you please click the “File Explorer” box and share a screenshot of what you see? There should be a list of tasks. Those with a video will have a YouTube icon.

Thanks, Mark. 4 tasks show up but any that I click on do not show any videos in the right-hand panel. The tasks appear to be unlocked as they are the first ones to complete if I’m not mistaken.

Try clicking the YouTube icon in the actual task’s box:

Nice one - didn’t even think to try and click on that. Funnily enough, I found a link to the first video in the first File Explorer task by choosing ‘Discuss’ and checking the comments. When I realised I wasn’t doing anything fancy in terms of creating my app and how simple it was, I could complete all remaining tasks without the videos. :laughing: Thanks for your help, Mark.

I’ve marked your last message as the solution as that works fine for me. Managed to get through a number of tasks now using that approach. :+1: