Can't access new Backendless Missions

Hi team

When I click on the Missions tab on the console, I receive an opaque dark grey screen with the following message:

The MISSIONS screen is accessible only by the owner of this application. You can see your own missions for the applications you created or if the ownership is transferred to you.

I cannot click anything behind the screen. I am the only users associated with the account.

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What is the application ID of the app?
You can also create another app and start the Missions there. The missions system is attached to the developer account and not to a specific app.


Hi @mark-piller,

The app ID is 130CA81A-36A3-9479-FFEE-AB623F4D0E00

Many thanks

HI @mitchell,

You should be the app owner now. Please check if you can access the Missions section.


Thanks @mark-piller, all good now

I have the same problem. Can you please check AppId BDCD56B9-351A-E067-FFA4-9EA9CF2F4000


Hi @milen-marinov

We made some changes. You are now the owner of the application.
Please check now.


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Yes, it works now. Thanks!

Same issue here,
app id is F6A54640-91E5-D0DC-FF13-CC1C187D9700
Please let me know if you could check.

@Elena_Cristea , make sure you are the owner of the app when you access missions.