Can't add additional users to my app

I cloned my existing app to create a development environment but when I do this the newly cloned app has only 1 team member and that team member doesn’t have access to add additional users. So I can’t add additional team members because because I don’t have permission and I am the only user on the team so there’s no other user with additional access who can either invite other team members or update my own security settings so I can add team members myself.

Hi Chris,

What is your app id?


App ID: 2DEFF0B8-7EA9-971E-FF2E-7D3F8CAD2A00

Thats the ID for the app that has no team member with full modify permission

Actually there is one developer with full permissions in the app you provided, and I guess it is you:

Looks like someone made a change to give me full permissions.

Please make the same change on my other app with ID: 2D5E4E14-7AC6-5DA8-FF4E-03394E386B00

Yes indeed, I found out that Mark changed the permissions in that app. I also just changed them in the one you provided second. Please confirm if everything is OK now.

Looking good, all set now. Thanks as always for the quick response!

having the same issue on 2 additional app clones I created

App ID 1:A1781F4F-6E4D-F473-FFC1-C9490727CA00
App ID 2:94EC3024-3C3D-6D28-FF3B-CF9624827600

I made the change in the system, you should see it reflected in your apps by tomorrow morning.