Can't configure email SMPT setting


I’ve been trying to configure SMTP settings for some time now using different servers but I’ve had no luck. Keep getting “bad username / password” error.

I’m following these exact instructions on this link - Integrating with the SMTP API | Twilio

SMTP Server:
Port: 587
User ID: apiKey
Password: {password}

(You can use the password above I’ll delete it after)

Application Id: B53080A3-5A03-5214-FF71-78E1836E9E00

Thank you for your help

One thing I noticed right off the bat is you’re using apiKey, while the instructions say apikey

Did you set the connection to TLS?

I stared at your response for a while before realising! Apologies
Thank you

Did you get it working?

Hi Mark,

Yeah I managed to get it working thank you!

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