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Cant delete all in Table

(Eyad Pro) #1

Application ID: 8C44389D-54B2-5DF3-FFF8-40A831D81800
Error UID: 27AB47EC-3B70-7DAF-FF71-B21AA7845700

Problem description

Describe what you did in console that led to the error. Please provide a description of what actually happens. Be descriptive: “it doesn’t work” does not describe what the behavior actually is. This will help us with reproducing the problem.

Steps to reproduce

Please describe steps to reproduce starting from the first action.

  1. trying to “delete all” in a table

(Vladimir Upirov) #2

Hi Eyad

Could you please provide table name for which you tried to delete all records?

thanks Vlad

(Eyad Pro) #3

table name “beSPold”

(Vladimir Upirov) #4

can I try to remove all records for the table from my end?

(Eyad Pro) #5

yes pls…

(Vladimir Upirov) #6

done, all the records in table beSPold has been removed without any errors

(Eyad Pro) #7

Thanks … but may I ask what was the problem ?

(Vladimir Upirov) #8

We will investigate it

(Eyad Pro) #9

OK …Thanks