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Can't deploy my Business Logic scripts

my app id 4BAEABFC-6FEF-EB39-FFE3-162B0D48F300
my resulting zip file is about 10mb, doesn’t seem that much. But when I “npm run deploy” it hangs for like 15 minutes and when shows “Error: Unable to publish model. No connection with server”.
When I’m trying to deploy through Developer console “coding” tab “save and deploy all” button it is also hangs for several minutes and then shows error, and in browser dev console I see “Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 502 (Bad Gateway)”
actually, it’s been that way for days now, when I occasionally can deploy, but mostly I can’t.

Hello @yuriy

We are now investigating this issue.
Research progress we will notify you in this topic.