Can't develop my ios application with 50 request per minute

Hello my lovely Backendless team…
I understand that your product is amazing and everything good in our lives comes with a price, but…
Right now I have no income. My app is not published to the AppStore and I don’t have any other users besides me. I’m just trying to develop it and The current limit is 50 requests per minute on free plan - is nothing!
I really can’t work properly with this limit. Maybe you could switch it to “Day limit” or “Hour limit” to better understand and plan my working day?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to move to a scalable or cloud plan as soon as possible, but I don’t have the option right now. Thanks…

Hi Dmitry,

As much as we would like, we cannot afford sponsoring your development beyond what we already offer in the free plan. If you switch to the Scale plan, there will be a price, but since the app would be accessed only by you, the price would correlate to how heavy your development traffic is.


Hello @mark-piller
Thanks for your answer )