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Can't display picture After uploading to storage

After uploading the picture successfully to the storage of my app on backendless, there is a problem displaying the picture

Hello @peter_estafanos
Where are you trying to display this picture? Could you provide an example of its usage?

I was just trying to display the picture on my browser before using it in my flutter app.

Which browser did you use to open an image?


Which version of FireFox did you use? And did you try to check it in different browser, i.e. Google Chrome? Because according to the FireFox support forums there were the versions of FireFox browser having this error.

yes I tried on chrome and this was the result

Could you provide an id of application so we can check it from our side?

Application ID: 9F509A5E-E29F-C082-FF53-8F8A1B308B00

As I checked, that file you uploaded isn’t actually a “.jpg” image. This file may be damaged so the any browser won’t be able to display it.

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but when I tried
Backendless.files.upload(_afterImage, "/images")
the method upload ask for Data type ‘File’, not a jpg picture, I thought it would convert the File to .jpg automatically, in androidthere is a parameter in method upload that give me an option to choose the image extension that I want my image to be upload with.


Files may have different formats “txt”, “png”, “jpg”, “docx” etc.

If you want your image to displayed correctly, then this image have to be a valid format.

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I made a mistake, I was passing the image path as a parameter to method Upload, while I should pass the image as a File, Now it works Fine.