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Can't figure out bulk create codeless function

Hey guys I’m attempting to use the bulk create function in codeless but can’t see to get it to work.

I just trying to start with something simple to get going, here is what I’ve tried:

Hello @Joel_Maclean

The objects input accepts a list of objects, not a single object as on your screenshot.
Try to use the following content:

[{ "exercise":"squat", "weight": 25 }]

But, make sure both columns “exercise” and “weight” are defined for the table.

Regards, Vlad

Thanks Vlad, I had tried that but before I put the text to object function in haha. Appreciate it, I will get my head wrapped around this and stop asking newb questions soon.

Sorry one more question on this, how do I save a list using bulk update?
I’ve binded my list to a collection in page data, and it retrieves fine, but when I update the list values and try to save it back to the database I can’t get it to save. I’ve tried doing this per row and for the full dataset. Here is the latest attempt:

(note if someone could point me to documentation on how these components and functions work I would read through it and save spamming this forum with basic functionality questions :slight_smile: )

I’ve been able to get it to work doing some shady stuff like this but seems like a hack

Hi Joel,

The most recent screenshot doesn’t show any logic related to bulk creation. As for its “shadiness”, yes, it can be simplified like this:


Ok yes! Tks Mark, works well.