Can't figure out how to save data from an input field in a nested dynamic list


I’ve been going round in circles on this for a few days now, but cannot find a working solution.

I have a dynamic row nested inside a dynamic container. The first checkbox is within the dynamic containter, and when it is checked it toggles visibility of the second checkbox, which is a nested row with dynamic list properties.

This checkbox displays a selection of different years, when any of them is selected it then toggles the visibility of the input fields.

All of this sits within a form, and when the form is submitted I create a new record for each entry using this logic:

The problem I have is inserting the value mileage1 into the new record. This value is contained in the data model for the dynamic row that is nested in the dynamic container as userMileage1


It doesn’t work to use get property of and then use the get dynamic list items (like this)


I have tried to set an object in page data, but can’t get a unique identifier to separate the multiple entries without accessing the data model of the dynamic list.

When I try to access this in page data, it cannot read the value of the container item data.

I can’t use direct data binding on change event with the input field itself, because the database record hasn’t been created at that point.

Help much appreciated!

Get property of works like getting a specific key from an object. But Get Dynamic List returns an array.

Also, at support, we provide help with direct questions, like “How to do A with B?”, and these questions in theory may help other users.

In your case, we must sort out in huge logic with refers only to your project. Understanding where and why something is broken might take a lot of time.

If you want to get this help, you could contact

If not, please create a page with a minimal reproducible example.

Regards, Dima