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Can't find service scheme. Please, try redeploy you service. Error

since a couple off hours i could not open any codeless or js server code.
i get this error “Can’t find service scheme. Please, try redeploy you service.”

Hey guys
since yesterday i cant do anything. all my codeless and js server code show this

is there any other way to contact support?
my Application ID: 07D0CC0C-4A50-198B-FFFB-78866CCD9600

Hello, developer support operates Monday through Friday. Since you posted the problem over the weekend no one looked into it yet.

Thank you for sharing your application ID. We will check the problem shortly.


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No problem @mark-piller you are still answering me on my other questions which is great!. so is there a support in the weekends in case of critical issues?

Could you try to republish your service, but use a difference deployment model? The deployment model is specified in the configuration file. Right now the problematic model is default.

As for your question about support, we always monitor the state of the production servers 24x7. If there are any issues, we work on it right away.


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how can do that with codeless?
just to clarify
the issue is in all my server business logic services and methods

Hi @mohammad_altoiher

You can not change deployment model for existed Codeless.

Currently, I can see the problem (red alert you shared) only for JS Services, so Codeless services have no any problems, if you select any Codeless Service you can see the Service Methods.

Could you please let us know steps which has leaded to the problem?

  1. what did you do before the problem?
  2. do you deploy your JS Services via JS-CodeRunner or using Coding Section in Console?

Regards, Vlad

now I see what’s the issue with Codeless, the Codeless Designer doesn’t work because there are broken JS Api Services and the designer can not build blocks for those api services

so, need to fix JS services

The last thing i did before this happen was adding event for after createCSV
I only have one js service and it was the first service I did on the platform using coding on the console.

We’ve restored your JS Services from backup, could you please verify it

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thank you all is working now