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Cant find service scheme

I was fiddling around with Codeless services and all of a sudden I get red banners saying: Can’t find service scheme. Please, try redeploy you service.

What to do?

It happened during midnight. Maybe you guys are running some processes that prevent de scheme to be loaded at midnight?

No, we didn’t do anything on the servers tonight. Do you remember if you attempted deploying your codeless logic?

What is your application ID?


Yes, I deployed my logic. It seem to work now, after I re-deploy another service.

Hmm, sometimes the logic tab of an API service method gives a similar error: The specified resource was not found. After going back and forth a couple of times, to other tabs, it works.

You want me to maybe capture a video of it?

Yes, please do that. And let us know your application ID.


I can’t upload a movie here. Any suggestions?

Untitled (28.0 MB)

As a zip :slight_smile:

AppId: CC78D110-B842-C36D-FFB9-DB5E5BA42F00

Hey @Bennie_van_der_Wel

Sorry for the delay.
There was a problem with cache invalidation. We have fixed it, could you please confirm that everything works properly for you.

Regards, Vlad