Can't get a listener to work, most likely user error

Hey I am trying to get this listener to work.

Any ideas

I have printed out the where clause and it looks correct

Screen Shot 2022-09-07 at 11.30.32 am

Use a try/catch block, print out the error and see what it says.

Like this?

I didn’t get an error

Problem solved? :slight_smile:

No, when I updated a field in the ‘round’ table in the DB it doesn’t fire the action within the listener

Note: I am updating the field via the database view. Perhaps this is why?

that will not work. When you update an object in console, it doesn’t use API. Real-time events will happen only when you update/create/delete an object with API.

Perfect thanks… Does that include updating it via an action from the frontend?

If by “frontend” you mean your own app, then yes

Perfect thanks Mark

Is there a concept of many to many…

So currently I have a ‘game’ which has multiple players, however players could be in multiple games. Currently I am getting an error when adding a player to more than one game, I have the 1:n set on the ‘game’, works when adding a player the first time but not additional times.

What would be the best method to solve this?

Hey coming back to the listened… It appears that the listener isn’t working when I update that value through and API.

The table is updating the value no problems.

I am calling the API in the cloud code from a button (as a test, the api will be called from elsewhere in production).

When I update a record from the button using upsert object it works, when doing the same in the backend it doesn’t fire the trigger.

Hello @Chad_Wyatt ,

You can tell us which request you send when making updates through the API?

Regards, Nazar

I call the ScoreStandard API which then invokes a function called getPuckScore-standard

Could you please create a small example reproducing the problem? We cannot debug your own code, but we would be happy to look into it if there is an example that focuses on the problem.