Can't get data from automatically created property GeoPoint.bannerData

In my GeoPoint I save object of Type AdBanner in metadata with key “bannerData”

It saves the GeoPoint and the related object AdBanner. But after that in Backendless panel I see new property “GeoPoint.bannerData” ( ) for the class AdBanner . And if I click on the blue text under this property I will see the related GeoPoint.

But how can I get access to this property from my iOS code? (because I want to have access from AdBanner object to related GeoPoint)

Hi Pavel.
Just to clarify: you want to get access to geo point from child data object?



yes, I want to get access to geo point form child data object (and I can easily do it from console , please see the screenshot . But I don’t know to do it from code)

Hi Pavel,

GeoPoint.bannerData, which you see on console, is not a relation - it is a “child of”, a juggle to inform you about existing links.
For your purpose you need a relation to GeoPoint object in AdBanner. In current backendless version this operation is disallowed, but soon the backendless 2.0.0 version will be released - wait a moment.


ok, thank you