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Can't get Headers data from Push Notification

I have an issue with retrieving headers data from push notification on Flutter App.

App ID: B4F92BD3-34B5-C368-FFA7-78380524F500
Flutter v2.2.3
Backendless SDK v7.0.0
Device: Android Emulator API 30

This is my code which run on main.dart

And this is the push notif template

When I sent notif, device successfully got it, but there is no header data printed on Debug Console. Only message fromBackendlessFCMService:
I/BackendlessFCMService(14562): Notification has been received by default 'BackendlessFCMService' class. You may override this method in a custom fcm service class which extends from 'com.backendless.push.BackendlessFCMService'. The notification payload can be found within intent extras: msgIntent.getStringExtra(PublishOptions.<CONSTANT_VALUE>).

Hello @irwancheung

I created an internal ticket to investigate the problem (BKNDLSS-25879).

Hi, @Vladimir_Yalovy
Any updates about this problem?

Hello, @irwancheung.

As soon as this problem is resolved, we will inform you.

Regards, Nikita.

Hi @irwancheung

Please follow this article to setup push notifications and receive headers:

Pay attention to the " Handling Notifications in Flutter" section. You should

replace BackendlessFCMService with FlutterBackendlessFCMService

then your onMessage callback will receive the headers.

Best Regards,

It works now! Thanks!

I did the setup for Android from this documentation: Push Notification Setup (Android) - Backendless SDK for Flutter API Documentation

But I couldn’t find any information about replacing BackendlessFCMService with FlutterBackendlessFCMService