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Can't go past CRUD Rookie altho 4/4 tasks are complete

At first I did get past it and started User Rookie, but the 1st task wouldn’t get marked as complete no matter how many times I did it. A browser refresh now shows CRUD Rookie as not complete, even tho 4/4 tasks are complete.

I get the same after logging in/out, clearing browser cache, and using a fresh browser. What’s going on?

I just started today. Looking forward to learning more of backendless. Thanks!

Hello @Jason_Jalbuena

Welcome to our community and thank you for trying out Backendless.

Please provide your applicationId.

Thanks for getting back to me!

My Application ID is:

Hello @Jason_Jalbuena

We made a fix for this.
Please check and write about the result.

great thank you!

CRUD Rookie is finally marked as complete and I was able to get past the 1st task of User Rookie.

Looks all good - thank you!