Can't performe backendless mission

Hi all,

I want to complete a mission task in backendless. But when I select a tast to complete I don’t see a button anywhere that I can click to go and perform the task.
For instance I just see the screen below when I select the DATA SPONGE mission and can’t see where to click and do the Create First Data Table task.

Can anyone help please ?

Thanks in advance.

The instructions on the right hand side say:

1. Click the "Backendless" tab and and then click "Data" icon

Do you see BACKEND at the top? Have you tried clicking that? All you gotta do is just follow the instructions.


Actually, I have been working on a project for almost a month now. I have just been sent an email saying that I have to complete missions to be able to unlock the free plan. So I almost performed all the tasks that are in the first missions (table creation, column configurations, adding files …). But I have still have 0 Backendless Bucks. So I don’t know how to get rewarded for all these task. Do I have to activate something for example ?

Could you please attach a screenshot showing the missions map as you see it?

Here is a screenshot of mission map

And here a screenshot of some tables I have already created.

The screenshot tells me that none of the tasks have been accounted for. Please make sure to follow the instructions for each task. A task will be counted, when it is performed strictly in accordance with the instructions.


I hadn’t seen that it was necessary to follow the steps exactly to the letter (table names, order of the steps…). And yet it was clearly specified. Just a lack of inatention on my side :man_facepalming:.

Thanks Mark Piller.

Juste want to add that I found the missions really very cool even if I knew almost all the tasks that had to be done before unlocking the springboad plan :slightly_smiling_face: