Can't proceed past File zipping mission

Hi there,

I’ve completed the file manager ‘zip a directory’ mission and the subsequent one, but I seem to have been rolled back to that ‘zip a directory’ mission again. Now I don’t seem to be able to register completion, even when I;ve done it.

Can you help?

really enjoying the mission concept :slight_smile:

Hi @Iain_simons,

I don’t see in your progress “Zip a directory” task completion… Are you sure you finished that task? Did you receive notification about that? Could you please describe what you did in order to complete this task?
If you go to “missions” directory (in the root of Files), and inside that directory click “Zip Directory” button, do you see any notification afterward?


Hi there,

Yes, I did it and completed it (and got the notification) - and then did the subsequent task. But now when I complete the above, as you described, I get the pop-up saying that I’ll get an email to confirm the zip creation - but nothing else.
I’m using Safari 13.1.2 OSX 10.15.6

seems to be working now… weird…!

Hope this will not happen again.



I’ve got the same problem. I zipped the directory but the mission won’t be completed

Hi @Rick_Derks,

Welcome to our community and thank you for trying out Backendless.

This task will be marked as complete when you zip the directory named “mission” instead of “Mission”.


Hi Alexander,

Thank you for your reply! This seems to work so I’ll continue on my missions.

Kind regards,

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