Can't publish my UI Builder container to the web

I have changed the name of some pages within a UI Builder container and now I can’t publish it to the web.

The app ID is - 9144D969-8CEB-81F4-FF84-987167CF6800

The container is webApp

Any ideas how I can fix this? We have some dependencies that need this live tonight.

What is the path/name of the directory where you try publishing it?

root > web > webApp

I was able to reproduce the problem and opened an internal ticket: BKNDLSS-28718
Someone will be looking into it shortly.


Thanks @mark-piller - do you have any idea of timeframes for this?

Is there any workaround you can think of? If I zipped the folder maybe and then deleted the existing folder and then unzipped it as a new one and tried to publish that?

Or if I publish with a different path and change the path for the custom domain?

Hi @Luc_Zentar

Looking into it

I can see that the savings-calc page doesn’t contain files for logic, that’s the reason why it can not be composed for publishing

  1. it seems like this is a bug on our side, could you please describe what actions had you done before it became broken, it might help us to understand the reason and prevent it in the future

  2. I can see there are two similar pages savings-calculator and savings-calculator-2, can we use one of them as a donor to restore the savings-calc page


I have deleted the page savings-calc and it shows as deleted but I still can’t publish. When I refresh, the page savings-calc still exists. Could you delete it for me?

1 - I had a page called savings-calc and a page called savings-calculator. I took these steps:

1 - I renamed ‘savings-calculator’ to ‘savings-calculator-2’
2 - I renamed ‘savings-calc’ to ‘savings-calculator’

After step 2, I expected to have 2 pages but instead I had 3: savings-calculator, savings-calculator-2 and savings-calc.

It looks like savings-calc duplicated rather than changed name.

I have removed the savings-calc and publishing works

Yes, seem like there is a bug with renaming, I will add this information to the ticket, thanks to you!

Thank you for the quick fix!