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Can't retrieve related data objects and display them in the UI

Hi, everyone!

Need some help with UI builder.
I just trying to replicate simple scenario like one in video “First Steps - Developing a Basic App with Database Integration”, but it doesn’t work.

I have tables:

On the page I have a container “person_organizations”.
I’m trying to show all records of table “Persons_in_organizations” in this container.

On the page enter i’ve loading table objects to this container.

In the container I created 2 cells.
First sell shows “description” of the “Persons_in_organizations”.
I set it like this and it works fine, I can see it.

But the second cell must look up to another table. It must show “title” of the organization, connected with this “Persons_in_organizations” record.
I make logic like this
It’s seems correct, but doesn’t works.

Any ideas?

Hello @Nikolay_Neustroev

Please provide your AppId and steps on how we can reproduce it.

Regards, Vlad

Vladimir, hello. Thanks for your responce.
AppID is C18079E8-47F1-B85B-FF69-59B92D497200

You can preview page “profile”.
At moment section “2. Участие в организациях” (and container “person_organizations” respectively) shows only one column (cell “Text14”)
You can see that second column (cell “Text15”) have some data binding too, but it shows nothing.

thanks, I’m looking into it

I figured out what was wrong
Actually the “organization” column is 1:N data relation and the server returns it as array

so in the UI-Builder logic you need to get the first element of the array.

I’ve cloned the profile page and modify the logic and it works now.

Regards, Vlad

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Vladimir, got it, thank your very much!