Can't select Cloud 9 plan

The payment profile is in place with a credit card, but when I “preview and switch” to the Cloud 9 annual plan there’s a “credit card must be added to perform plan upgrade” error. I see the system is racking up Cloud 99 charges, which makes me nervous.

Hi Jim,

What is your application ID?


Application ID = 5DDDD554-906E-7866-FF50-BB0CA2C93300

The system has not processed any charges at all for that app.

I switched the app to Cloud9 in our backoffice system. Next time it will attempt to process a charge for $35 will be tomorrow at 3:20 am Central time.


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Would like to sign up for the annual plan … should that be for $25?
Or $300 for the year?

Hi @Jim_Austin,

You will be charged $300 in one transaction during plan switch.

Regards, Andriy

Andriy, are you doing the plan switch?

When I try the Payment Confirmation confirm gives the error: “No payment method was on file for the $108.22 balance”

Hi @Jim_Austin,

The error which you receive is caused by dunning process which has started for your subscription.

I would recommend you to wait till tomorrow when subscription will be renewed for Cloud 9 Monthly. After that you will be able to switch to the Annual billing period. You will receive prorated credit for previously made “monthly” payment before actual “annual” charge.

Regards, Andriy

Thanks Andriy, will do.

Andriy, still not able to switch Cloud 9 plan from monthly to annual; getting same error (although error message balance amount is now $118.21??).

Your message mentioned waiting until subscription is “renewed.” The Manage Billing screen seems to imply that won’t happen until May 29; is that correct?

It’s not a big deal as difference is only 33 cents a day, and you indicated that would be credited anyway. I assume the error message balance is bogus?


Your application is already on the Cloud9 plan.

There is a credit on the account in the amount of $88.68. The credit consists of the following:
$79.34 - credit from an old subscription
$44.34 - converted Backendless Bucks
-$35 - the monthly payment for the Cloud9 subscription
79.34 + 44.34 - 35 = 88.68


Mark, I understand I’m on the Cloud 9 monthly plan, and can see billing status in Billing.

My post was about the system not letting me switch to the Cloud 9 annual plan, showing the error described above (with varying amount: now $79.87).

Am I correct in thinking it won’t let me switch until the next billing date, May 29?

I don’t know… @Andriy_Konoz , please investigate why Jim cannot switch to the annual subscription.


Hi @Jim_Austin ,

We are terribly sorry for this confusion and inconvenience which you have encountered.

I investigated whole situation and want to clarify it.

The whole situation was caused by introduction of reworked billing and improper behavior of internal migration logic on your application with trailing subscription. Due to this misbehavior you was charged for Cloud 99 before actual trial period had ended.

You were unable to move subscription to annual period yourself because of your credit card was added only to your account payment profiles and not to your application. I have moved your application to the Annual billing plan.

About bogus sums which you saw during annual plan activation. They appeared due to prorate logic of Billing service and subscription credit balance changes.

About credit for your app. During internal migration subscription for your app was recreated. Since old subscription had $44.34 of credit on its balance this amount was converted to Backendless Bucks and added to your account balance. At the same time I added by mistake the same sum of credit to your new subscription. Today I withdrew manually placed credit from subscription balance. When subscription was activated for Cloud 9 Monthly your subscription balance was charged with $35. So at the end subscription credit was $9.34.

About annual period charge.
You was charged $255.66. Whole sum was $300. Before charge your subscription received $35 of credit for previously bought Cloud 9 Monthly. $300 - $35 - $9.34 = $255.66.

I hope you will enjoy further work with Backendless.

Regards, Andriy

Thanks Andriy, appreciate you clearing this up.

Note that amount looks right, but it applies to 5DDDD554-906E-7866-FF50-BB0CA2C93300 Company_website, not A95F0078-C3C2-3B0A-FFC3-2C762ADA5D00 Testing as the email says.

The Billing page looks right for the two apps.

Hello - I am having a similar issue. Where I am unable to select the Cloud 9 account for the annual payment.