Carrying data between pages

I’m trying to build a simple project management/work item ticketing app. As well as the issue creating 1:N relations between the parent and the children (in another ticket), I am having trouble figuring out how to carry data between pages in Backendless, so that I can later tie back the inputs in my work item objects to their parent project.

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Expected Behavior

Please describe the expected behavior of the issue, starting from the first action. form inputs to a table in Backendless
2. Save formQNum value in cache
3. navigate to the WorkItemCreator page
4. Workitem Page loads formQNum before mount
5. Read-only Input field should pre-populate with the formQNum value from the previous page.

Actual Behavior form inputs to a table in Backendless
2. That’s it. I’ve tried removing the cache component, and it works, albeit without carrying the QNum data across. Also tried using other similar seeming blocks, but they all have the same issue.

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Hello, @William_Wright.

Also, you write to the cache using the Test key, and try to get the value from Gemspec001 key.
If you put a value in Test, then you need to extract it from the same place.

Best regards, Nikita.


Yes, I spotted that and corrected it, but this did not resolve the issue unfortunately.

List of changes:

Page Data -> Form Data
yourQNum -> formQNum


Problem has been fixed.

Thank you!