Change Plan to monthly but charged annually

I changed my billing plan to monthly but it charged my account for 300$ which is annual. Please refund the rest!

What’s your application ID?

It is:

Here’s the transaction history on the account with some notes:

From what I see the app was on the annual plan. We attempted to renew the subscription on March 24th. It failed - we sent an email informing you about it. We made three additional attempts on the 24th, 25th and 26th and all of the failed. This is all for the annual charge of $300. Finally, today, when we attempted again, the transaction went through. Then I see a switch to the monthly plan. This resulted in a prorated credit of $263.04 being issued for the subscription.

Could you please let me know when you switched to monthly?


Before letting the charge happen, I tried to change it to monthly, it said you need to update your payment. Then I update the payment details and change it to monthly. Now it charged me for an annual payment of 300$ but my bills are in monthly.

You switched to monthly after the transaction went through. So yes, your transactions are monthly now. Once the transaction for $300 clears, we will be able to handle a refund of the credit.

It’s not like you are saying!

  1. I want to change to monthly. It didn’t work. it said you need to update your credit details.
  2. I updated the credit details to change to monthly.
  3. When I updated my credit details, it charged me for one year in year fee.
  4. then it changed to monthly and now send me the bill for monthly.
    This means you charged me for a year and hold it as a deposit, then on monthly bases will send me a bill which will be last in 8 months!
    I want to pay you 35$ for this month and refund the remaining and then pay you monthly!

I said we will process a refund. Did you see that message?