Change table users

Hello. I have a problem with change the Users Table.
I created a user custom field called ‘longitude’ with Double style. Then, I deleted a user custom field called ‘longitude’ and after that I can’t create the field again.
My application ID is: C6D6D482-1208-2D4C-FF51-1C5C2567C900
When I try to create, happens erro below:
Internal server error with id C6C68FDA-F401-E387-FF44-1C738E171700

Hi Wilson,

Just a quick note that we’re already investigating your issue. For reference, the task ID is BKNDLSS-12432.

Your application has been fixed. Seems that the removal of your “geolocaziao” column failed to succeed completely, which caused the problem with adding further columns.

Sergey, thank you very much