Changing App Ownership

Hi Team,

I have the issue that one of my developer took over the Ownership for the Backendless. However, I do want to transfer it back to myself. How can I do that ? May I kindly ask for some assistence here ? The project name is called StudyInsider.

Thanks a lot,

Hi Caner,

The current owner of the app can transfer ownership using the Development Team interface in Backendless Console. It is available on the Manage > App Settings > Team section.


@mark-piller does it means, that I can start developing some demo app for my customer in Springboard plan and later I just transfer the ownership to the customer and his own billing account? And the customer just change the subscription plan to Cloud99 for production?

Hi @Martin_Krajcir1 ,

Currently when app owner is changed, payment method remains the same. You should change app owner, then update payment method and billing plan of the app.

Regards, Andriy