Changing table data type - What happens to the data?

I have a table with a Multiple Choice data type. If I change the data type to String, what happens to the data in the column? I want to make sure I don’t lose the data before I change the data type.


Hello @Tim_Jones

Actually, the “Multiple choice” column type is the “String” data type in DB. But the column has information on how to display this value.
Create a test table to play with this type of column.
Open the browser network to see what the data looks like.

If you change the “Multiple Choice” column type to a “String” type, the record data will be the same as you sent it to the server.
You are losing the configuration of the “Multiple Choice”.
When you change the column type, in fact, no conversion takes place, the column data display settings simply disappear.


This might be helpful too:

The video around the 4 min mark was precisely what I needed. I removed the “use validation” check on the column as that was causing my issues.

I really appreciate the help @viktor.liablin and @mark-piller!