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Charged for an order that was never placed due to an error

(OmerOzer) #1

I tried to place an order on the marketplace for a unlimited team size. I kept getting the unresolved server error and the order was never placed. This was about a month ago… I just got an email now saying that I was charged for both the last month and the next month’s billing cycle… I was never able to use the service since the order wouldn’t go through. I had given up on it. I emailed you guys twice about it too but never got a response back. So I am trying my chances here. My subscription does not appear on the installed packages page so I can not cancel it either. I do not need this service any more. Like I said, the error I kept getting during the purchase made us come up with alternative solutions . Is there anyway I can get a refund and cancel the subscription ? It’s ridiculous that I was even charged after a month of me unsuccessfully attempting to place the order. Thanks in advance.

(OmerOzer) #2

My AppID: B6435B05-1C70-4E04-FF8C-8EF1CA65DE00

(Mark Piller) #3

We issued a refund for all processed amounts. Your current account balance is $0.00.


(OmerOzer) #4

Thank you. Another issue is that , we will need this package in the future along with a few other packages. Is there a way of effectively placing orders without facing the server error?

(Mark Piller) #5

Go ahead and place the order, there should not be any errors. Let us know if you experience a problem.