Chart with a daily new entries

Hey guys,
I need some help for a simple Chart.
I would like to see a daily line or bar graph with how many new records are in a table.
My columns are all relations.
Can anyone post the screen shoot with it?
I was around with created column and count but no founded the solution.

Thanks, Mario

Hi, @Mario_Ghersi

Unfortunately, it is not allowed to add related columns to the Chart. I can suggest that you create an App View and add the columns you need from the source table and its related columns. After that you can add all required aggregations and conditions that you need.


Ok the chart is number of new records by day.

Do you know how to solve it?

Thanks, Mario

@Mario_Ghersi, try to use the master view condition with the next condition:
DATE(required column name) = DATE(NOW())

Regards, Marina