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Cheange deployed services layout

As my project gets bigger im having a hard time navigation the service or the method i want to edit or view.

it will be much better if it was a tree view or multi level menu.

Hello @mohammad_altoiher

Have you tried to use “Services Search” ?

Regards, Vlad

search is good but its not what is needed.

sometimes i need to know if i already have added a method for example. or i need to glance at the services and their methods as a quick check

Hello @mohammad_altoiher

With Services Search, you can quickly search by service name, but you cannot search by method name.

In order to search by method name, I can offer you a little way around -> Files -> Search in subdirectories -> search by method name

but i don’t want to type the name im not searching for one method or service.
i want to take a better glance at the whole services and methods visually.

just like we don’t type every folder name to navigate to in our operation system.