Check execution status in afterCreate event ??

Hi -

On the server side code, in the afterCreate() event of a particular table - how can I check if the object was created successfully or not ??

Also, in afterCreate() - wont the ‘entityMap’ and ‘result.getResult()’ will be always same - esp. when it is for particular table and not ‘*’ ??




If the result.getException() returns null, it means the object had been created and saved in the database.

Are you using the latest code generator? I do not see any “entityMap” argument in afterCreate.


Below is auto-generated afterCreate code:

Wont 2nd parameter (transaction) and object returned by result.getResult() be same - or have exactly same values ??

public void afterCreate( RunnerContext context, Transaction transaction, ExecutionResult<Transaction> result ) throws Exception

Yes, they will be the same if the invocation didn’t result in an exception.