Check if image/file was updated (iOS)

I want to check if the image in the “Files” folder has been updated. If it has i would like to download the updated image, but if it has not - i do not want to download that image again. How can I access to the Timestamp of the image in the “Files” folder? Or is there another way to check if the file was updated?


File object has only one date value - it’s “created on”, which indicates creation date. For you purpose I can offer you to create a data table named, say, “FileHolder”, which would contain file name, file url and date of last update. After that you’ll be able to make calls to this table using persistence service, and download the file if needed by URL taken from “FileHolder” object.
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What is the best way to check if the data object was updated? Store the array of “updated” and then compare it to the downloaded array or there is another way?

Every data object has the “updated” property, which contains the timestamp when the object was modified.