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Check uploaded file size via Codeless


Is there any way to check file size via Codeless? I need it to set limit on uploaded file size from user.

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I have put a similar request into the Forum specific for images. See

Checking the file size would be another essential feature for the onBeforeUpload event.

Hi @irwancheung

Currently there is no such possibility. We will discuss it with our team.

Best Regards,

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Actually, it is entirely possible. Here’s a sample service I put together:

Here’s a sample invocation:

Hope this helps!


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@irwancheung , please see above :arrow_up:

Works like a charm! Thanks, Mark.

@mark-piller : This only works for “include subdirectory: true”. Setting this to “false” returns the error:

400 - Cannot read property 'size' of undefined
    "code": 0,
    "message": "Cannot read property 'size' of undefined",
    "errorData": {}

Is this as expected?

Not, including subdirectories is not required. The error tells me the “directory listing” block returned 0 results.