Checkbox on repeater item not updating correctly without reloading data to repeater item

Hey All,
Having an issue with a page I have that is using repeaters.
I have a nested repeater to display the relevant items. In this I have a checkbox.
I have bound the item data of the checkbox to the boolean field in the database.

This all works great and it displays it checked when its true and unchecked when its false.

When you check the checkbox it updates the database item

This works great when you check the item. sets it to true and it becomes checked.

However when clicking it again, it unchecks it and then the display rechecks it (but its unchecked in the database).

I am guessing that is because the repeater data is set from the database on page load, so the repeater info still has the old column status.

I have added a step to reload the data in the repeater field. Is this the right way to do it? Or is there something simpler i am missing? It seems to work but dont want to add extra DB calls if i dont need to.

Hi @Leon_Black

Reloading data from the server when we’ve got these changes on the client is not a good idea.
If everything is configured well in the logic it should work.
Could you please create a test page with minimum Components/Logic just to reproduce the issue?


Here is a simplified version which has the issue.
page “test” - no login required.

Displays correctly but checking and unchecking boxes does not refresh the info.
i.e. mark it as completed, it updates in the database and updates correctly.
uncheck it, it marks it as no in the database but then stays marked as checked.

The issue definitely comes from here.

Repeater Data Logic handler runs after every state change(that you do when checking/unchecking checkboxes as they have Value Logic). You should load these items only once (for example at the On Page Enter handler), and set it to Repeater only once(except cases, when you need to update these repeated items from the server)

Regards, Dima.

Ahh now I understand how to use that. I have set it on mounted and its working great now! Thank you