Checking if an item is in a list with Codeless Logic

Hi, I have a repeater wherein there are sessions. In each session, I have the Apply for session button. And the session has the parent course title in the block.

On click, I want to redirect my user to the parent course page.

I have the logic to redirect the user to the course page. But I’m not able to add to page data the parent course. A course can have many sessions. So I am trying to check the courses list for courses with sessions containing the current session. Please advise.

Please also advise whether there exists a better, more efficient approach for this.

Hello @Breldan_Muthaka

Sorry, but I’m not sure I understand your problem

  • do you have a problem with redirection to another page?
  • do you have a problem with the block “Load Table Object”?

Hi Vladimir,
It’s a bit of both. I want to open the sessions tab in the courses page once somebody clicks the Apply for Session button.

I’m able to redirect to the course page but I’m not able to pass the course related course to App Data.

try to print the received data before put into the AppData

btw, on the screenshot with logic, in please where you load Courses and then get the first one your where clause looks not completed - is that the main issue?

Yes that’s the main issue. I don’t know how to write a where clause to load courses where the course is related to the session.

take a look at this doc Inverted Relation Retrieval - Backendless REST API Documentation

and I can recommend you test your query on our REST Console (on the Data Service page)

I’ve been able to do it following the documentation as shown above.