Checking If Current User is Logged In

I have a simple log in page with two buttons. One to register a new user and one to login. Let’s say that a user registers, logs in to the app, and the 2nd activity is launched. They use the app, close it, and never log out. When they re open the application, how can I test whether or not that specific user is logged in? If they are, skip to the 2nd activity, if they’re not, launch the 1st activity(Login screen).

I attached the a photo of the login activity as well the java code. I just need some type of syntax for the a potential IF statement, right before the setContent method is called. Thank you.

MainActivity.txt (3.35kB)

See this page for details, specifically the “stayLoggedIn” argument for the login call:

Hi – this link is broken. Can I have the proper link? Thanks.

Hello @Ramon_Reyes,

Here’s a new documentation.