Chrome DevTools failed to load source map


Just want check if this a setting change in Chrome Browser or something that should change in Backendless. I only started to get the error today. The error shows up when I start a preview of any application page it does not show up if I view the published application from UI Builder. I have never seen this error in the Chrome Browser console before and it does not show up on the Edge Browser.

Any ideas? Has something changed in the Chrome Browser setup that now displays this error or has something changed in Backendless? If its not Backendless should I concern myself about the error and what is the best way to remove it from the Chrome Browser console?


Hi @Glenn_D

Thank you for your questions.
It’s not an error, it’s a warning. These files do not affect the operation of the application.
Our team is already aware of this and we are continuing to investigate. You can ignore this warning.


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Appreciate the update