Clarification of the number of event handlers allowed on the free plan

How many custom business logic event handlers are allowed on the free plan?

From what I can read, I’m allowed one script but when I try to deploy one script that has 2 event handlers in it I get this error:

[ERROR] {“code”:11005,“message”:“You have reached the plan’s limit. To increase the limit you need to purchase the ‘Unlimited Business Logic Scripts’ function pack from the Marketplace”,“errorData”:{}}

If I deploy one script with only one event handler then it deploys successfully. Is this the intended behaviour or a bug?

Hi Simon

1 script - means count of BusinessLogic items (EventHandlers | Timer), not a count of files.
so, if you have 2 EventHandler you actually have 2 scripts even if they are placed in a single file.</img>

Regards, Vlad

Ok, thank you for the clarification.